The Wolf Den

The Little Black Chronicles 2

All sorts of things happened to Sarah in the past few months; she had been kidnapped by two vampires, she found herself in a clash between supernatural beings, she discovered she had an inexplicable attraction for the leader of the British werewolves, Harry Pierce, and she fell madly in love with Adrian, an eight hundred and fifty years old man who thoughts humans are useless, unless they are to become his “dinner.” It all sounds disastrous but, in truth, Adrian also had some positive qualities… especially between the sheets. Now that the fuss is over, Sarah can finally relax in the arms of her favourite nightmare, but….
But nothing is ever calm in Sarah Adams’ life.
A new puzzling occurrence will force her to reanalyse the situation between Adrian, Harry and herself. This time she’ll end up in the den of some very bad wolves.
The second chapter of the four-part series The Little Black Chronicles.  

As I went up the stairs to the main floor of the house. I crossed all the rooms of Adrian’s home, which of late had become my own.
I didn’t see him anywhere, so I went to the bedroom.
I found him there, naked, with an unconscious and naked girl on top of him. When I walked in, Adrian lifted his head from the girl’s neck and greeted me with a wave. He licked her neck to close the wounds and slipped away from her.
‘She’s out cold,’ he explained, sitting down and rolling his shoulders to release the muscles in his neck. ‘Pure terror, as though she had never before seen a vampire movie.’
I looked at her; I was in a strange emotional situation, I oscillated between worried and irritated. She was young, about twenty-five years old, of clear Jamaican descent, she was definitely pretty. She seemed to breathing, just about.
‘I’ve already told you, she’s only fainted,’ said Adrian.
I watched him walk calmly to the bathroom. A few moments later he walked back with a clean face. He leant on the doorframe and mirrored my glare.
He was… well… he was… Adrian. Pure beauty. Tall, slim, with gorgeous features, bright green eyes and wide shoulders on his slender build. He was Adrian in every other sense as well. There was an unconscious girl on his bed and he couldn’t care less about it.
‘So… what did Harry say?’ he asked.

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