The White Vampire

Little Black Chronicles 3

After little Sean’s birth, Sarah is forced into hiding on an island in the North Sea. The Observers (the humans who want to profit from the vampire and werewolves special powers) are on her trail. Not even on this island are Sarah and her son safe. Sarah will have to entrust her life to the most enigmatic of all the vampires on the council. His real age is unknown to everyone. But only thanks to him and his blood, she could achieve revenge.
Vampires feed on three emotions: pain, pleasure and fear. Sarah will experience them all, in a race against time.

Tyr seemed to find this amusing. ‘Everyone had their favourite flavours, don’t you think? But if the idea disturbs you, then I’ll just bite you. It ends the same way anyway.’
I could not understand what he was saying. There was nothing new about this. I never understood when Tyr spoke to me.
He closed his eyes. He seemed tired. As I had already gathered previously, Tyr didn’t reason like most people. He reasoned using a more antique logic and communicating his logic probably depressed him.
‘Yes, it does,’ he confirmed. ‘But it’s not your fault. I wanted to say: do you know I’m more than three thousand years old?’
‘What?’ I said again. ‘Fuck,’ I said, surely not bettering the impression he had of me.
He smiled. ‘In reality, I don’t know. I don’t remember my childhood. I remember only being an adult already. Who knows how old I am. I don’t remember… my mother.’
I felt sorry for him. Everyone should remember their mother, even though there are some exceptions. I suppose there are people who’d prefer not to remember their mother.
But generally…
‘Alright,’ I said.
I went to get Sean. He was scampering in his body suit, transformed in his wolf version. He transformed so silently that I always missed the transition. And he didn’t stay long in his wolf form.
‘Mm-Hm. Very impressive, but now I’d like you turn back to your human form, if you want breakfast that is.’
Sean let out a sort of whimper and turned back into being an infant. It was exhausting at times.
I picked him up and I sat next to the bed. In truth I didn’t care that Tyr would drink the same blood my son would drink. I just simply didn’t think that vampire adults were interested in love. Not on a nutritional level anyway.
I gave up trying to understand and I stretched my arm out towards him. Only afterwards did I remember that Sean was used to drinking from my bosom and that Tyr would have seen it.
Oh, fuck it, I thought. He was three thousand years old, right? I’m sure he’d seen some titties in his life.
He had the decency not to comment even though he smiled slightly.
Sean attached himself onto my breast, after a few seconds I felt Tyr bit me on my wrist.
At that moment I understood.
Fuck, I thought, scrunching up my eyes. Oh, fuck.
It was like… low voltage electricity. From my wrist it irradiated outwards to my whole body with absolute clarity.
Sean let out a vague questioning noise. Of course he did. He removed his mouth and he slowly drooled on me, he looked perplexed.
‘Tyr… stop…’ I gasped.
Tyr moved away. Thank God he didn’t lick me to heal the wounds from his teeth, because I think I would have fainted.

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