My Favourite Nightmare

The Little Black Chronicles 1

Sarah Adams had not been lucky in life. One night, two unsettling strangers with pale skin and sharp teeth kidnap her. She soon discovers a new world she had no idea existed. She’ll be trapped in a cruel and bloody world, in a never-ending war between supernatural beings, and in sensual and bloody games.

I followed him into the bedroom. His bedroom, probably. When we entered, he turned on a few small side-table lamps, lighting up the surroundings.
The bed was large and round, perfectly in the centre of the room, which was also circular, with two open bay-windows that allowed the cold night air to enter. Adrian closed both of them and closed the curtains.
At the base of the walls there was a blue cupboard, which matched the furnishings. The floor was composed of old wooden beams, left raw, antique and covered in some places by different Persian rugs.
He told me to lie down on the bed. I did. Looking up I saw that the ceiling was one big mirror, like on the set of a porno movie.
I began untying my blouse, scared. Adrian took my left wrist and he took it to his mouth before I could even understand what he wanted to do. He quickly bit me and I felt the painful sting of blood being sucked out of me.
I began to shake.
‘It really is divine,’ he said, lifting up his mouth. ‘I couldn’t resist the temptation. Now calm yourself down. Today I don’t want to hurt you. Not even one bit. I shall be kind and proper and I want you to feel pleasure like you have never felt before, so you don’t need to fear anything.’
He bent over my wrist and licked it. There must have been some of his blood mixed with his saliva because slowly the bite marks disappeared.
He sat down and took off my shoe. He stroked my leg.
‘Undress, Sarah,’ he said.
I wasn’t at all calm and his little speech hadn’t convinced me, but knowing what my other options were, I decided to undress. I mean, he did just say he wasn’t going to hurt me. I believed that. It still could have been horrible and I was sure it would be, but at least I wouldn’t have suffered physically.
I took off my skirt, blouse and stockings. I unhooked my bra and slipped off my knickers. Naked, I lay on my side and I looked at him.
Adrian took off only his suit jacket, that’s it.
‘Let’s see…what do you enjoy?’ he smiled, coming closer to me. ‘What could this little pet with retreating nipples enjoy?’ he asked, whispering, beginning to kiss me right on the nipples. His tongue tickled me delicately, coaxing my nipples back out. He massaged my breasts with his hands, and then let them slide all over my body.
I relaxed a little. It wasn’t terrible.
‘Oh thank you,’ he laughed. ‘Very kind of you!’

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